About us

Dark Lotus Dance is a Northeast Ohio tribal fusion dance company, founded in 2007.

Shanrae is the company founder and the creative force behind it. She a tribal fusion belly dancer and choreographer, specializing in sword dance and tribal technique. She teaches weekly at local studios and is available for workshops and private instruction..

Shanrae is a lifelong student of dance who fell in love with Tribal Fusion Bellydance at first sight. She has studied under many of the Tribal Fusion greats to hone her craft, and to honor the art of belly dance. Tribal Fusion allows her the freedom of expression and exploration that she couldn't find elsewhere. Utilizing her past training in ballet, jazz, modern dance, expressive dance and many other forms of dance, as well as training in the therapeutic practice of dance, she has created a safe space in her classes for students to learn the foundations of belly dance and then expand upon them, pushing the boundaries to create something all their own. With a passion for this dance form that shows in her teaching style and her performance, she invites you to join her in exploring the many facets of this beautiful art form.

Shanrae has studied under Angela Prato, Irene Merci, Mylitta, Rachel Brice, and Ariellah Arfalo. She is Phase II certified in Rachel Brice’s 8 Elements program

Shanrae has attended workshops and learned from a variety of performing artists, including Deb Rubin, Sharon Kihara, Zoe Jakes, Mardi Love, Mavi, Heather Stantz, Samantha Riggs, Jill Parker, Kami Liddle, Moria Chappel, Onca O'Leary, Samira Saruk, Belladonna Boheme, Olivia Kassel, Souhail Kaspar, Amel Tasfout, Donna Mejia, Ashara, Natalie Brown, Suhalia Salimpour, and Paulette Reese Dennison.

With a background in art and a dedication to her discipline, she has the honor of being troupe director of Tribal Fire and Kali’s Fire, two of the performing troupes in the Dark Lotus Dance Company.