Performing Troupes

Tribal Fire

Tribal Fire is a Tribal Fusion Belly Dance group in Northeastern Ohio comprised of women of all ages, shapes, sizes and backgrounds. The group was formed in June 2007 with six members.

Though we have waved goodbye to members who have moved on to explore other forms of dance, we are still standing strong with 6 members, and find ourselves still growing.

Tribal Fire enjoys dancing together — we find that laughter only adds to the cardio workout during practices. We fully embrace the idea that belly dance is for all women, and that it is an experience that draws women together in celebration of who we are and of the bonds we have created within our dance family.

Belly dance has become for us a time of joy, of free expression, and even a form of therapy to help us each get through the tough times and the stresses of life. Our time together is where we let go; we give to each other and to ourselves. We laugh together and provide a supportive shoulder when needed.

We dance because our spirits need to stretch, we dance because our hearts have become too full for words, we dance because we know no other way. We love performing because it gives us a chance to share the thing we love so much with others. We can only hope that they enjoy it even half as much as we do.